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THE FACT: As many as 30% of school children have vision impairments that affect their school performance

THE SOLUTION: Mobile Schools Health optometrists perform vision-care screening, vision testing and dispenses glasses to children that require them


THE FACT: It is estimated that 80% of children are in need of oral health care

THE SOLUTION: Mobile Schools Health dentists and oral hygienists provide preventative measures such as fissure sealants which have been proven to protect against future cavities

Primary Health Care

THE FACT: Hundreds of thousands of South African children are behind on or have not received basic vaccinations

THE SOLUTION: Healthcare practitioners administer TD vaccines and deworming as just two of the preventative health care measures

the reach

everyone should have access to health care

Research shows the primary reasons children do not receive health care includes:

  • The child’s illness is not serious enough
  • The facilities are too far away and transport is costly
  • There is often a low-quality of care provided at health care facilities

Mobile Schools Health is the answer to these barriers:

  • Many of the services provided are preventative –
    decreasing the reliance on traditional services
  • Mobile Schools Health provides services at the child’s school –
    decreasing absenteeism and the financial burdens on families
  • The vehicle and services provided include quality one-on-one care and the best equipment available

our mission

Students per year
Mobile Clinics


Pheliswa Busika, Mpendulo Primary principal, said

“Mobile Schools Health has helped her school address two major problems”

  • Learner health
  • Absenteeism


  • To decrease absenteeism in schools due to health-related illness
  • To increase academic performance of children at schools, resulting in improved self-confidence
  • To decrease the burden on over-stretched and under-resourced health care facilities
  • To decrease the cost for families to access quality health care
    • No transport costs
    • No loss of essential income due to visiting health services

"Many of the children’s parents work at jobs where, if they are absent they don’t get paid. By having these health checks conducted at our school, on the same day, we have saved them so much time and money. The initiative also helps in identifying problems at an earlier stage."




Mobile Schools Health is the most effective current implementation model of the World Health Organisation’s Global Schools Health Initiative.


Mobile Schools Health delivers essential services to both rural and urban areas alike.


The Mobile Schools Health solution is complete. It brings together all the pieces to deliver a turn-key health solution to the children who need it the most:

State-of-the-art vehicles

Nation-wide vehicle maintenance

Programme management

Reporting structures

Medical staffing

Data collection and software services

Day-to-day on site management

PPP relationship management



The FUEL of Mobile Schools Health:  The accounting team is essential in ensuring the financial flow and coordination of the model – a key element to the effective delivery of the vision.


The MIRROR of Mobile Schools Health: The communications team works to share the vision of MSH widely and recruit new partners.

Human Resources

The HEADLIGHTS of Mobile Schools Health: The HR team has the dual role of reaching out and recruiting the best and the brightest individuals to carry the vision forward while also working to keep the existing team on one path.

Medical Professionals

The ACCELERATOR of Mobile Schools Health: These individuals use their gifts within the medical field to deliver the core service of MSH. Through daily interactions with the children at the schools they make a huge difference in the lives of the children who need their services the most.


The ENGINE of Mobile Schools Health: The operations team builds on the effectiveness of the MSH model and ensures innovation and smooth growth to meet the vision.


The WHEELS of Mobile Schools Health: The operators work tirelessly, with a smile, to be sure the buses are where they need to be and running smoothly.

Project Managers

The STEERING WHEEL of Mobile Schools Health: The account managers pull all the team members together and coordinate them to deliver the task at hand. Their reach is to connect and report to the client and keep the team on the ground effective and efficient.

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For all enquiries please contact:
Johannesburg: 011 608 0158
Cape Town: 021 555 2413


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